Real People, Real Stories – Duncan’s 300 DUB Edition

We’ve already received some great submissions to our Chrysler vehicle owner’s corner – Real People, Real Stories – and we’d thought we’d share some of them here. Read below for one reader’s story about his love for the 300 DUB Edition.

300 DUB via Duncan

“Looking for past stories? I saw this beautiful red Chrysler 300 DUB Edition on the sales lot as soon as it arrived in June and wanted it from the time I first saw it, but we almost had our current car paid off and it was running fine and I was looking forward to no more car payments. Then our car blew a head gasket and we suddenly were in the market for another car. I told my wife I already knew what car I wanted but to make sure we were making the right choice we looked at others as well. The 300 won hands down. I still love it. We haven’t had a bit of trouble with it, it is comfortable, yet sporty, and looks like a million bucks. I feel good just being seen in it, much less the fun of driving. I may buy another when this one is paid off, but I will never ever give up my DUB!”

– Duncan

Thanks for sharing your story, Duncan!

Have your own Chrysler vehicle story to share? Submit your own thoughts, photos, or experiences about your favorite Chrysler vehicle and we’ll post your article after we review it. We receive a lot of submissions, so stay tuned to Forward Look to see your story right here on the official blog for Chrysler vehicles.

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