Luxury and Value – Town & Country Raises The Bar

Luxury and value might sound like they’re worlds apart, but when it comes to the Town & Country, there’s nothing but harmony in the universe. Whoever told you that you can’t have your cake and eat it too hasn’t sat in a Town & Country for a trip to the mall, taking the kids to sporting events or venturing out on a family road trip.

We’ve made leather standard on every Town & Country that comes down the line. A nice touch when you climb inside its spacious cabin.

The big news for your little back seat occupants is the standard factory DVD overhead unit. Now you and your kids can be at peace with each other on those long voyages.

We also added cool tech features like new mobile apps, designed with both safety and entertainment in mind, which can be linked directly to a variety of mobile devices, such as the nearly ubiquitous iPad®. Now you can get vehicle information updates, order authentic Mopar® accessories, stay connected with the Chrysler community, and a lot more, all while on the go.

So while others want to charge you more for the things you want in a minivan, we’ve cut to the chase and just make them standard. Besides, what good is having cake if you can’t eat it?

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