Real People, Real Stories – Marge’s “Bluesbuggy”

This week’s submission for our Chrysler vehicle owner’s corner – Real People, Real Stories – comes from reader whose fondness for the movie ‘The Blues Brothers’ inspired the nickname  “Bluesbuggy” for Marge’s black pearl coat 2005 Chrysler 300.

It was impulse that made me go out and buy a brand new 2005 Chrysler 300. We drove 300 miles to the dealership and traded in my van.

I named her the “Bluesbuggy” on my license plate. I immediately installed mud flaps and window shields. Little did I know what the “blues” had in store for me.  I LOVE this car. My husband also has a 2009 Jeep® Wrangler four-door and we love the freedom it provides us.

–          Marge Teachout

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