Loyalty is Alive and Well with Town & Country Buyers

They say loyalty is a thing of the past. That consumers are no longer connected to a specific brand or nameplate. To that we have only this to say: think again.

When the folks from Polk Automotive, a leader in data collecting and fact-based analysis within the industry, awarded our Town & Country with their annual “Loyalty Award” in the minivan category, we weren’t too surprised.

Was it because this is the eleventh consecutive time this prestigious award was bestowed upon us?  Maybe. But what it really comes down to are the owners who look at  their Town & Country not just as a mode of transportation, but more as  a cherished member of the family, a trusted friend, a second set of hands, a pack mule, a get-away vehicle and a lot more.

Through our efforts to keep the Town & Country fresh with 75 product innovations, owners of previous model year vehicles found a completely refined minivan with an award winning interior and powertrain, making the choice to stick with their family friend easy.

So sleep well at night – loyalty has not gone the way of the steam locomotive or the drive-in movie. It’s alive and well among the thousands of satisfied Town & Country owners from sea-to-shining-sea.

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