Real People, Real Stories – Alan Takes the Cake

Alan Baker's Mopar cake

In the latest submission for our Chrysler vehicle owner’s corner – Real People, Real Stories – a lifelong Chrysler fan bakes his passion and dedication into a delectable dessert. Alan Baker sure lives up to his namesake with this delicious tribute.

I’ve been a lifelong fan of anything produced by Chrysler and its brands. I’m not just any Mopar™ nut – I baked a 3-layer cake in a TorqueFlite™ transmission pan for the 80th anniversary of the formation of Chrysler Corporation when I was in high school and took it to the local Chrysler dealer. I own or have owned Chrysler products from the 1930s to the 1990s and will buy Chrysler for the rest of my life. Our family’s best car ever – my 1990 Dodge Spirit – just chalked up a quarter million miles last week and I’m mighty proud. Keep it up!

–          Alan Baker

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