A Road Trip Story – Driving Drenched to Disneyland

The year was 2001 and my family and I had been eagerly anticipating our trip to Disneyland for several months. It would be the second time for both of my kids, and excitement was in the air.

We live in Northern California and the drive to Disneyland takes about 6 hours or so. My husband decided it would be beneficial to leave at o’dark thirty (about 5:30 a.m.) to avoid the LA traffic, since it typically starts at about 2:00 in the afternoon. We agreed that we would pack up the night before, and wake the kids early in the morning.

The days leading up to our vacation were especially busy for me, as I am the one in charge of making sure the kids will be entertained in the car for several hours. I filled backpacks with coloring books and crayons, handheld video games, auto bingo, and any other thing that would possibly make the long drive more tolerable for all of us.

When the big day finally arrived, my husband and I loaded up the car (after many questions on why I packed so much), and gathered the kids from their warm beds and buckled them up for safety. Of course, I didn’t forget to pack snacks. I filled a cooler with bottled water and juice drinks, and we stopped at 7-11 down the street on our way out, to fill the cooler up with ice (we do this for every trip we take).

Finally – we were on the road! Now if you aren’t familiar with Highway 5, it is the long, very boring highway that runs from Northern California to Southern California. When I mean boring…I mean your eyes cross kind of boring. There really isn’t much to see or do, and every mile of highway looks the same.

Let me explain a bit about traveling with my husband. He is the type of guy who wants to make record time…every time. He doesn’t want to stop unless he absolutely has to, which means that potty stops are a rarity. My husband is a serious guy, but he does have a good sense of humor, which is a good thing considering what was about to happen.

Halfway to Disneyland, after playing a few games of “I-Spy with My Little Eye” with the kids, I got thirsty and grabbed an ice cold bottled water out of the cooler. The cooler was positioned in the back seat, in the middle, directly between my husband and I. It had a sports bottle top, which made it easy to drink without spilling (which I am kind of known to do). I had some great road tunes playing on the radio, the kids were happy in the back seat, and life was good. Then…my husband asked if I would reach in back and get him a bottled water too. Well I certainly could!

I placed my ice-cold water bottle between my knees as I turned my body to reach towards the cooler. Next thing I heard was screaming. And the kids laughing. I turned to look at my husband and there was water dripping from his hair, his chin, his moustache, his sunglasses, and the steering wheel. I looked at his clothes and they were drenched as well. I glanced at the freezing water bottle between my knees and realized what had happened. When I turned to get his water, my knees squeezed the cold water out of my sports bottle top and doused him like a fire hose. I giggled. He stared at me. I giggled even harder while looking in the glove box for napkins, a towel, or for anything to help dry him off. I apologized through fits of laughter, and all he could do finally was laugh as well. I went into an uncontrollable laughter for about 20 minutes. I was crying even. Of course, then I felt the need to go to the bathroom, which required a rest stop. Which didn’t make him very happy and certainly didn’t improve his disposition.

I still think of this trip every time I grab an icy bottled water from a cooler. I have to work hard to keep myself from giggling, as others who don’t know the story, might think I am a little off my rocker when a bottle of water has this effect on me.

This was the best road trip EVER!

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