Spotlight on the Blogger Faceoff

You may have noticed some excellent blog posts on Forward Look, written by some new faces. Well, these bloggers are taking part in our Blogger Faceoff. Ten bloggers representing two categories – Mom Bloggers and Auto Bloggers – posted about topics that they know best. And they’re giving their readers a chance to win an iPad 2.

The bloggers who receive the most votes in each category through March 7 win an iPad 2 to give away to a loyal reader. Show your support by voting for your favorite posts and the chance to win.

Town & Country Contestants

These motivated “Mom Bloggers” keep their audiences informed and entertained with stories and advice about being 21st Century moms, with all the bumps, quirks, and rewards that come along with it. The bloggers are:

Chrysler 200 & 300 Contestants

Automotive bloggers are an essential element in the car enthusiast community, able to connect with their readers through first-hand knowledge and personal anecdotes that reveal their deep passion for cars. The bloggers are:

Head over to the Blogger Faceoff page to cast your vote.


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