5 Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks for Your Car

Now that the warm weather appears to be here to stay, it’s time to get your Chrysler in tip-top shape. This year’s winter was comparatively mild (especially here in Detroit). And no, we’re not complaining. But if you live in a colder region, your car still took a beating. The wet sludge tracked inside your vehicle can wreak havoc on the floor mats and the carpet. A combination of mud and salt has the potential to do some serious corrosive damage to your car’s exterior. Here are some tips and tricks for sprucing your Chrysler up as the weather turns and keeping it in good shape. If you’re not a cold weather driver, these tips still apply. Spring cleaning is for everyone, after all.

  • Clean the interior – Vacuum, dust, and get rid of any junk inside. It’s the same principle as doing a big “spring clean” in your house – throw away the junk and store what you don’t need until next winter.
  • Shampoo the floor mats and carpet – Remove your floor mats and shampoo both the carpet and the mats. Test a small spot to ensure that your cleaning product and carpet are compatible.
  • Wash the underbody – This is one of the most crucial steps for keeping your vehicle free of rust and corrosion. A trip to the car wash should do the trick, but make sure it’s one that blasts water underneath the car.
  • Check or replace the windshield wipers – Winter weather can shorten the lifespan of your wipers. Wipe the blades completely clean and test them out. Driving without proper functioning wipers is not only annoying as a driver, it’s unsafe.
  • Get a regular tune-up – Ensure that your air filter is clean, spark plugs are all good, and check your oil.

That’s our list, so far. What are your go-to methods for a good old fashioned Spring Cleaning?

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