Things Have Changed—Your Loyalty Hasn’t

Do you remember what your world looked like 11 years ago? What was on the radio? What clothes were in style? Remembering that far back might be difficult, and a lot has changed in just over a decade. We watched the rise of reality TV and the fall of VHS tapes. As the world keeps changing, it’s clear that one thing hasn’t—the loyalty of our Town & Country customers.

The Chrysler Town & Country has received the Polk Loyalty Award for 11 consecutive years. That means families young and old continue to trust the Chrysler Town & Country despite all the different kinds of vehicles that automakers are trying to sell. They’re sticking with what works—the Chrysler Town & Country. Since that hasn’t changed, we thought we’d take a look at what has happened in these past 11 years:

• Facebook, founded in 2004 as a college-only social network, amassed a user base of almost 1 billion people worldwide.
• The first commercial flight successfully docked at the International Space Station.
• CDs gave way to MP3s, which are now bowing to streaming music services.
• Pluto is no longer a planet.
• The world population has increased by almost 1 billion, to 7 billion people.

Despite all the big changes in the world, one thing has remained constant—your loyalty. We notice it every day and appreciate it to no end. We can’t wait to spend the next 11 years with you.

Learn more about the 2012 Chrysler Town & Country.

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