Happy 4th of July from Chrysler

In 1924, when the first Chrysler 6 rolled off the line at the Jefferson Avenue Plant in Detroit, Michigan, it was a vehicle well ahead of its time, capable of doing 70 mph yet significantly more affordable than any other automobile with comparable features.

In 1955, the first Chrysler C-300 hit the beaches of Daytona with a 331 cubic-inch FirePower HEMI® V8 and 300 horsepower. The car immediately set speed records. Not only that, it set the stage for a generation of American muscle cars, including the extremely limited 1970 Chrylser 300 “Hurst Edition.”

Today, a full lineup of Chrysler vehicles cruises nearly every inch of asphalt laid across the country, providing dependability with style to Chrysler drivers from California to New York, Seattle to Miami, from sea to shining sea.

What does it all mean? For 88 years and counting the Chrysler brand and its vehicles have been woven directly into the fabric of American life, fueled by the traditions and values that made—and still make—this entire nation great. Of that heritage we couldn’t be prouder.

From all of us at Chrysler, we wish you a safe and happy July 4.

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