Real People, Real Stories – Tony & Marian’s Fuel Efficient Road Trip

In the latest submission for our Chrysler vehicle owner’s corner – Real People, Real Stories – Tony & Marian explain just how pleased they are with their new 2012 Town & Country, particularly the great fuel efficiency.

After owning several Chrysler Caravan/Town & Country vehicles, we couldn’t have dreamed of the significant quality and engineering upgrades in our new 2012 Town & Country Touring-L recently purchased from Runde Auto Group. We were already convinced. It is amazing in every detail. The vehicle has wowed us. Just tonight I discovered that the door intuitively unlocks before my hand pulls the latch! What will you think of next—a flying car?

On our first road trip, we were further amazed coming home when we achieved an average 28.0 mpg. The photo above documents mpg just after we got off the highway. Congratulations to all the folks at Chrysler for this extraordinary vehicle. We have been telling everyone!

-Tony & Marian Payne

(Interior photo of the 2012 Town & Country Touring-L from Chrysler files.)

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