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Whether it’s or our most recent iPad application, what’s important to us online is how successfully content is organized and then delivered to the user. To put it plainly, the information must be useful and access to it must be hassle free.

For our website, achieving this goal meant developing a number of shopping tools, each one intended to make selecting the perfect Chrysler not just painless for prospective buyers, but enjoyable as well. Moreover, these web tools (detailed below) are designed to give customers complete control of the research and buying process, because in the end we’re confident that the more informed buyers are, the more likely they are to end up with Chrysler.

Here’s a rundown of the shopping tools available on

  • Build and Price a Vehicle – Try on and price out various features for your next (or first) Chrysler. From model to powertrain to paint color and so on, with this tool you can explore all potential variations.
  • Search New Inventory* – Need inspiration before building your own? Have a look at the vehicles already on dealer lots nearby.
  • Compare Vehicles – Use this tool to see how Chrysler stacks up to the competition.
  • Get a Brochure – No matter how tech savvy, some people prefer to have the information on paper. That’s a possibility with Chrysler brochures.
  • Payment Calculator* – You’ve picked out the perfect vehicle. Now devise a payment schedule to fit your budget. Calculations are based in part on down payment, term duration, and the value of your trade-in.
  • Schedule a Test Drive – Once we get you in a Chrysler, we know we’ve got you hooked. That’s why we made it easy to schedule a test drive.
  • View Incentives and Offers – Just to sweeten the deal.
  • Get a Quote – Already know which vehicle you want? This tool will help you get a quote from your closest dealer.

Speaking of the closest dealer, here’s a dealer locator tool to help you find yours. After all, a useful website is one thing, but there’s no substitution for real human help and interaction.

* Users can access the “Search New Inventory” and “Payment Calculator” tools only from Just click the “Shopping Tools” navigation button on the Chrysler homepage.

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