Real People, Real Stories – Coleen’s Town & Country, 233K Miles and Counting

The latest submission in our Real People, Real Stories series stars Coleen Pence and her Chrysler Town & Country, a dependable friend that for ten years has been with her through thick and thin.

I bought my Town & Country brand new off the lot in 2002 at Kyger Chrysler Dealership in Oxford, Ohio. As of this post, I have 233,000 miles on it, and each one of those miles is mine, all mine! My car has been up and down the East Coast from Pennsylvania to Ohio to Florida. It’s been true to me in the worst kind of weather: sleet, heavy snow, ice. I’ve even slept in it, preferring the comfortable backseat to the hard floor of my tent that I put up in the campgrounds just to show people that I am camping. It’s summer again and I’m wishing to hit the road. I love my Town & Country!

Coleen Pence

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