Real People, Real Stories – Two More Good Ones, Town & Country Edition

This week on the Forward Look we’re reserving space for Real People, Real Stories reader submissions that came in without photo attachments, but that deserve recognition nonetheless. Today the spotlight falls on two Town & Country owners who are consistently happy with their vehicles.

Thanks to Evelyn and Donna for sharing!

Story 1

We took our 7-year-old and 5-month-old last year on a 14-day trip to Disneyland with a stopover in Las Vegas. Our 2007 Town & Country was literally filled to the ceiling with luggage and extras. We got the best gas mileage on that trip that I have ever gotten in any car I’ve ever driven! We had a blast driving over deserts and mountains. It was an experience we hope to repeat many times over. We spent over 36 hours in the van on that trip, and the kids thought of it as our little home away from home.

-Evelyn Jacobucci

Story 2

We raised our four sons and taught them all to drive with our vans. In 1986, we purchased our first Dodge Caravan — silver, with a standard transmission! In 1989 came our “black cherry with wood grain” Voyager. In 1993, came our purple one — in 1996, our sky-blue LE, which I thought was beautiful. Then came our 2000 Silver LE. We thought we could live without a van once the kids had all moved out, but found ourselves with a used 1999 maroon base-model and a 1999 Town & Country we purchased from my brother. I also own a Sebring. We love our Chryslers!! Crowley, Papa Dodge, and, years ago, Dodge Village were our dealerships, and there were awesome service departments at all. I am not in a position to purchase a new Town & Country Van but am SO jealous of my girlfriend’s brand new one! You now know what we think of your vans!

-Donna Doucette

Check back on Friday for two more good stories from satisfied Chrysler owners.

*Picture from Chrysler files

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