Chrysler Design Consistency

When it comes to design, the Chrysler lineup displays consistency from end to end.

There’s a definite look shared by the 200, 200 C, 300, and Town & Country. While the sleek lines of all four vehicles represent a soulful presence, the simple yet elegant interior and exterior color palettes reinforce the very thing you should expect from Chrysler—luxury.

Most noticeably, Chrysler vehicles have earned new wings. A sleeker, more modern-winged badging, along with a Chrysler engraved nameplate, lets everyone know you’ve arrived. And the luxury touches don’t stop there. With a sculpted, more organic feel, the classic Chrysler grille maintains its powerful presence in rearview mirrors.

Even at night, that unmistakable Chrysler design is still on display. When you’re ahead of the pack, those behind you will envy the sharp look of your Chrysler LED taillights. As for those in front of you, they’ll be sure to notice the LED headlights, that is if they’re not transfixed by the graceful design of the vehicle overall.

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