A Weekend on Woodward Avenue – Part One

Take 1.5 million automotive fans and roughly 40,000 classic cars, line them all up along a historic stretch of road just outside the Motor City, and what do you think you get? Answer: one of the largest outdoor car shows in the world.

That’s just what happens every third Saturday in August, when die-hard enthusiasts and curious spectators alike travel to Michigan from across the country and even from the around world to show off their sweet rides and generally revel in the glory that is the American-made classic car.

Coming out in particularly strong numbers every year are legions of Chrysler fans, the envy of all in attendance, with their meticulously maintained vintage Chrysler vehicles–exactly the kind found in this recent blog post. And don’t think we don’t notice or appreciate the loyalty. As enthusiasts ourselves, we love to see a well-cared-for car, especially when it’s one that rolled off our assembly lines maybe five years ago, maybe even 50 years before that.

This year, the Chrysler team will be enjoying the show from the southwest corner of Woodward Avenue and 13 Mile. Be sure to stop by and see us. In addition to showing cars, trucks, and Jeep® brand vehicles from across the entire Chrysler Group LLC lineup, we will have some very cool Chrysler-specific vehicles on display, including the special edition Chrysler 300 Mopar® ’12. You won’t want to miss it.

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