Coastal Cruising in the Chrysler 200S Convertible

There’s just something special about a drive along the water. Whether it’s the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans, the Gulf of Mexico, or even one of the Great Lakes, a long expedition up or down the coast is sure to set your soul free. That statement is never more true than when you’re cruising America’s most scenic coastlines in one of America’s most scene-worthy vehicles—the Chrysler 200S Convertible.

Thanks to18-inch wheels and all-season touring tires, not to mention the precision-tuned MacPherson front suspension, the Chrysler 200S Convertible offers excellent handling. That’s great, because the most scenic coastal highways also tend to be the curviest (and, therefore, some of the most fun to drive). Even in slick conditions, which can be common near the water, the Electronic Stability Control will help ensure a safe, smooth ride.

Collected below are some of our favorite coastline drives, and here’s what we recommend you do with that information: Find the perfect 200S Convertible by using the shopping tools on, then head out for a drive along the closest coast.

  • Florida Keys Scenic Highway – We don’t know what’s better, the drive itself or the fact that this road ends in Key West. Either way, the beautiful turquoise waters visible in all directions will entice you to drive on.
  • Pacific Coast Scenic Byway – Carved at times into steep coastal cliffs, at other times passing through verdant valleys, this road along the Oregon coast is sure to be one of the most dramatic you’ll encounter. Adventurous travelers will find countless reasons to pull over: the world-famous Sea Lion Caves and beautiful Sunset Bay State Park, just to name two.
  • Route 1 in Maine – The lobster alone is reason enough to visit the rocky and rugged coastline of Maine. Purely a bonus is the incredible scenery that you’ll find along the way – trust us, it’s some of the most beautiful in the country.
  • M-22 in Northern Michigan – Not long ago, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Shoreline was named the Most Beautiful Place in America. It only makes sense that a road passing through it would be one of the most scenic in the country. M-22 works its way north along the shore of Lake Michigan, passing the dunes as well as many quaint beachside towns. The road eventually turns back south and ends in Traverse City, known for its shops and fine dining.

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