Real People, Real Stories – Three Times Chrysler 300 C

Photo from Chrysler files

Welcome back to Forward Look’s popular Real People, Real Stories series. After doubling up and devoting an entire week to your stories not long ago, we still have more to get to. So, without further delay, here’s the next installment, this one coming to us from Livonia, Michigan. Enjoy!

Overall, I’m on my 3rd 300 C, and this is my second with all-wheel drive. With each vehicle the ride and comfort has improved not to mention the styling. In inclement weather, I would not want to drive another vehicle due to the control of the 300 C. I find the mileage especially good on the highway with the 4-wheel drive only a slight penalty, and improved with the new Eco model. I recently traveled to Florida through terrible weather in the Tennessee mountains. I never felt that the handling was out of my control. The way I look at it is this: how much can you pay for a car with this much performance, styling and value?

-M. Tod Gonzales

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