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September is here and with it a flurry of school-related activities. That’s especially true for high school students. From Monday morning study groups, to after school obligations, to Friday night football games, to part-time jobs on the weekend, today’s teens are busy and only getting busier. With all that activity, it’s a wonder they can find time to get from one place to another!

Providing your teen is a competent, careful driver, letting him or her drive to school, the job, or the study group is one way to promote responsibility and also to carve out a little free time for yourself. Problem is, in these days of high technology, distractions are ever present. When a text or call comes in, even careful teen drivers can be tempted to look and, worse, respond.

One way to help prevent in-car texting is to have your son or daughter download and use the Car & Driver® Txt U L8r app on their smartphone. When activated, the app automatically responds to incoming texts with a predetermined answer, like, “Hey! Can’t text now. I’m driving!” Chrysler thinks this app is a very good idea for all drivers, but for teen drivers in particular. You find and download it for your teen by visiting the mobile apps page at

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