Leather to Come Standard in all Chrysler 300s

A leather interior in a vehicle is a sign of luxury—that’s common knowledge. What you may not know is that beginning with model year 2013, each Chrysler 300 that rolls off the assembly line will come standard with leather seating.

How is that a change? The base model 300 is soon to fall in line with its higher-priced Chrysler compatriots in terms of luxury. Yet despite the addition of leather to an already well-equipped interior, the baseline model will remain true to its goal of providing excellent value for an extremely affordable price.

Considering the good news, it might be time to brush up on proper leather care. After all, the new 2013 Chrysler 300s are poised to hit the dealerships, and that means one very special car, leather-trimmed seats and all, is that much closer to being yours.

  • To remove small particles of dirt and dust that can, in time, begin to scratch and wear away at the leather-trimmed upholstery, be sure to wipe down your leather-trimmed seats as needed with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Try to get in the habit of cleaning your leather trim every time you wash your car. Regular cleaning will help extend the life of your leather-trimmed interior in your Chrysler 300.
  • Note that the Chrysler 300 owner manual warns against using “polishes, oils, cleaning fluids, solvents, detergents, or ammonia-based cleaners to clean your leather upholstery.”
  • We recommend using only cleaners specifically recommended for leather care, such as MOPAR® Total Clean. Be sure to always use the product as indicated by the label.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Park in garages or shaded areas as much as possible or use a sun blocker. Too much direct sunlight can lead to fading; it can also hasten the drying out of leather and cause it to crack.

For more information on caring for the interior of your Chrysler vehicle, visit Chrylser.com to download an owner manual free of charge.

*Photo—Interior of a 2012 Chrysler 300 C

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