A Forward Look Closer Look—The SafetyTec™ Safety & Security Technology Package

When discussing technology in the newest model-year vehicles, it’s often the available 8.4″ touchscreens and interactive multimedia centers that get the most attention. Here at Chrysler, we want to remind you that advances in technology can lead to more than entertainment options (which are great, by the way). They can also lead to significant improvements in vehicle safety overall.

In few other places is that more evident than the Chrysler SafetyTec™ Safety & Security Technology package. Thanks to 42 distinct safety features, including ParkSense® Rear Park System and Blind Spot Monitoring, not to mention Rear Cross Protection and SmartBeam® Intelligent Headlamps, a Chrysler Town & Country or a Chrysler 300 fully equipped with the SafetyTec package will provide the added measure of safety that your family deserves.

Select features from the Town & Coutnry SafetyTec package are on display in the video found here. You can learn more about the Chrysler 300’s safety and performance features, which are slightly different, by visiting Chrysler.com.

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