2012 Fall Auto Show Schedule

A Chrysler 300 at the Denver International Auto Show in 2011

There’s a simple reason we like auto shows—when it comes to spotting quality vehicles, the people who attend are at the top of their game.

Anytime we can get our lineup in front of the kind of people who will assess it with a careful, critical eye, we’re happy to take that challenge. That’s not from overconfidence. That’s from faith in the way we do things—that is, with the kind of thoroughness and attention to detail that results in vehicles like the Chrysler 300C with the HEMI® V8, a car with power, luxury, and of course, the potential to impress even the most scrutinizing car fans.

Below is a list of upcoming auto shows between now and the end of the year. If any are in your area, we invite you to stop by the Chrysler display and say hello. Failing that, you’re always welcome to visit us online at Chrysler.com.

Are you planning to attend any auto shows this fall? Let us know which one(s) in the comments section below.

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