Fall Color Tours in the Chrysler 200 Convertible

Every year, there are two major transitions we look forward to with great anticipation—the transition of summer into fall, and the transition from the current vehicle model year into the next. It’s no mystery why. The arrival of autumn marks the beginning of nature’s brilliant fireworks display (the changing of the leaves, that is). And what better way to see the show than by touring America’s most scenic roads in a brand-new Chrysler vehicle?

For this year’s fall color tours, we recommend you travel in the 2013 Chrysler 200 Convertible. Few other vehicles can match the versatility of its fully automatic retractable hardtop roof, which is key to enjoying to the utmost a season typically marked by erratic weather. For autumn days that are cool and crisp to downright freezing, you can leave the top up and be none the worse for wear. For the times we hit a warm stretch, you can drop the top and enjoy the perfect blue skies and temperatures in the 70s.

It’s also fitting that many of best fall color tours follow high mountain ridges. Combining the twists and turns of narrow mountain roads, upgraded suspension bushings, and more responsive steering, the 2013 Chrysler 200 Convertible will have you enjoying the drive as much as the exhilarating scenery.

Speaking of exhilarating scenery, clicking on highlighted words in the list below will take you to websites that suggest not only the roads in the region that make for the best color tours but, in some cases, also the best times to go. Keep in mind this is only a small sample of resources. A simple Internet search of your own will likely produce worthwhile results near your home.

Where is your favorite scenic drive? Let us know! Please respond in the comments section below.

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