Announcing the John Varvatos Style Shifters Design Competition

Recently, the Chrysler brand teamed with noted fashion designer John Varvatos to create the Chrysler 300C John Varvatos Limited Edition, a sleek and sexy vehicle that is also the product of two creative powerhouses taking full advantage of one excellent opportunity: the chance to work with the other.

Now, with the Style Shifters competition and a little help from the Behance Network, Chrysler and John Varvatos are offering designers everywhere an opportunity of their own: the chance to create and be rewarded for an original design inspired by the Chrysler 300C John Varvatos Limited Edition.

The contest works like this: In round one, aspiring designers are invited to submit the project from their portfolio that best demonstrates their talent. A panel of qualified judges will then select 50 finalists from all projects submitted. In round two, the 50 finalists will each be charged with the task of creating an original design inspired by John Varvatos and the Chrysler brand.

The most impressive among all second-round submissions—again, as determined by a panel of qualified judges—will earn its creator a trip to Los Angeles to attend the Stuart House Benefit as well as a chance to meet John Varvatos in person. Not only that, the contest winner will receive a cool five grand, just the kind of seed money that might help an aspiring designer get his or her dreams off the ground.

To read the official rules of the John Varvatos Style Shifters competition, please click here. Round one of the contest is now open for submissions. Good luck to all contestants.

Style Shifters Update: Winners Announced!

The results are in, and the top designers have been named—the grand prize winner in the John Varvatos Style Shifters competition is graphic designer Nick David.

Nick’s winning design appears below, followed by designs created by Viktor Jondal and Hollister Breslin, who were each awarded a prize for runner-up. The descriptions included with all three designs are courtesy of Behance Network, the platform on which this competition lived.

Grand Prize Winner | Nick David

Style Shifters Update: Winners Announced!

Captivated by the idea of high couture, Nick David says this design was “built for looks.” In addition to the $5,000 grand prize, Nick will have the opportunity to share his design with John Varvatos in person at the 10th Annual Stuart House Benefit in Los Angeles.

Runner Up | Viktor Jondal

Style Shifters Update: Winners Announced!Viktor Jondal merges graphic design, typography, and industrial design in his sculptural submission. As runner-up, Viktor was awarded a $3,500 cash prize.

Runner Up | Hollister Breslin

Style Shifters Update: Winners Announced!Combining the mechanical elements of a car and scenery from a passenger’s window, Hollister Breslin created a series of fashion renderings. As runner-up, Hollister was awarded a $3,500 cash prize.

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