Real People, Real Stories – A ’63 Chrysler Newport

Our latest edition of Real People, Real Stories stars this 1963 Chrysler Newport first purchased a few years ago by Charles N. of Jackson, New Jersey, and now owned by his son.

My first Chrysler was purchased a few years ago. I bought a 1963 Chrysler Newport. I still have a 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner, a 1972 Plymouth Barracuda, and a 1967 Dodge Dart. The sea green four-door 1963 Chrysler Newport is a unique car in terms of styling and engineering. It has a push-button automatic transmission and the ability to carry many passengers in cruiser style.

It’s not every day that you see a 1963 Chrysler Newport, and many people have commented on it. I have passed the car on to my son, who sees the same qualities in it that I do. I have owned many Dodges, Ram trucks, Plymouths, and Jeeps since my first 1963 Plymouth Fury in 1969. I’ve only owned one Chrysler, and it was a great one. Thanks.

No, thank you, Charles. We appreciate your support.

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