Real People, Real Stories – Dean’s 1979 Chrysler 300

The latest installment in our Real People, Real Stories series comes from Lima, Ohio, and Dean P., a man who is not afraid to go out and get what he wants (no matter how many years it might take him).

I have owned Chrysler vehicles almost all my life. I first fell in love with my grandfather’s 1966 four-door Newport. I was seven. I can’t explain it. But the memories never left. As a teen, I had many Mopar muscle cars: a 1970 Charger R/T, a 1970 Road Runner and a 1970 Satellite. Sold my cars, got married, bought a house and then had a son. In this time, I had a Power Wagon, Trail Duster, many Rams and my 2001 Ram 4×4, all work-related vehicles.

Twenty-plus years have gone by, and I have always wanted what I had as a young man: a bike and a Mopar car. Now almost 50, I have found a car that I always wanted. I drove three hours with my family to Canton, Ohio, for a 1979 Chrysler 300. Not the muscle I once had, but plenty of power and comfort.

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