To Pass the Test of Ownership

Make no mistake. Our near-endless product testing is a highly effective way to help ensure that the Chrysler Town & Country meets our own intense requirements for safety, capability and dependability. True as that may be, there is one test, in fact one question, that is more indicative of success than anything else we could think to analyze and measure — if current Town & Country owners had to do it all over, would they buy the same vehicle again?

We call this the Test of Ownership, and because of our commitment to provide the ultimate minivan experience to our owners — from comfort to cargo space — it’s one test we pass more often than anybody else: for 11 years running, the Chrysler Town & Country has had more repeat buyers than any other minivan.

Please visit the Chrysler Test of Ownership website to watch real owner reviews like the one below and to learn more about the features available with the 2013 Chrysler Town & Country.

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