Share Your Travel Traditions, Earn the Chance to Win an Amazon Kindle Fire

The stories and traditions a family keep play an integral role in how that family defines itself. Even the smallest families can have any number of traditions, and most of these are somehow contingent on the holidays. From who opens the first holiday gift, to the kind of cookies baked, to the order and placement of stockings on the mantle, each family has their own way of doing things, made more significant by repetition year upon year.

This holiday season, the Chrysler brand is interested in hearing about the traditions your family keep, particularly those relating to travel. Sharing your best “Travel Tradition” will earn you the chance to win a $50 gift certificate and even an Amazon Kindle Fire HD. All it takes to enter is one good story, written well, with humor, wit, or the ability to tug at our judge’s heartstrings.

To learn more about the contest, head over to the Travel Traditions tab on the official Chrysler Facebook page. Go here to read the contest’s official rules. And good luck.

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