Real People, Real Stories – Greg’s 1969 GTX

It’s time again for another edition of Real People, Real Stories. This week’s story comes from Greg R. of Lakeland, Florida, a man who clearly knows how to care for a vehicle.

In late 1967, working as a mechanic at Leitenberger Chrysler/Plymouth in Johnstown, Pennsylvania I fell in love with the ’68 GTX. I couldn’t afford one yet, but, when July 1968 rolled around, I had a down payment for one of my own. I ordered my ’69 GTX sight unseen. Sticker was $3,820.14 – I paid $3,300.00 (employee discount), plus tax. I was 22 years old and making minimum wage – $2.25 per hour.

I’ve always believed in the “highway” method of breaking in a new car; the 250-mile trip to Columbus, Ohio the first weekend did just that. The idea of still having it decades later never occurred to me. My only plan was to keep it nice. It’s still totally numbers matching, with 17,000 miles in 44 years. It’s only been in the rain four times. Every light bulb, all brakes and wiper blades are factory installed.

Your story, like your car, is remarkable, Greg. Thank you for sharing both.

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