Real People, Real Stories – When Renting, Peggy Prefers Town & Country

This week’s edition of Real People, Real Stories was submitted by Peggy A. of Safford, Arizona. It serves as a good reminder that you don’t have to own a Chrysler vehicle to be a Chrysler fan.

I spend my days driving clients around in a rental Town & Country, and I love every minute of it! It has so many wonderful features – the rear back-up camera, blind spot monitor, the large storage console between the front seats with ample cupholders, a large storage area in the rear, the folding seats that make it easier to enter and exit, and the clean, comfortable seating capacity. What I appreciate most of all is that it accommodates multiple car seats comfortably.

Your Town & Country van is the most comfortable and well-thought-out vehicle that I have ever rented. I always request the Chrysler minivan, but sometimes they give me something else to drive and I can’t help but sigh!

Thanks for the kind words, Peggy. We appreciate your support.

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