Chrysler Travel Traditions Contest – Winners Named

As the holidays wind down for another year, it’s important to reflect momentarily on what makes this time so special: the chance to reconnect with family and friends, continuing old traditions and creating new ones, all in the spirit of joy and good cheer.

It was in this spirit that the Chrysler brand began asking for your best holiday traditions. While hundreds of stories were submitted, two in particular stood out to our judges, earning the writer of each a Kindle Fire HD. The winning stories are below.

Winning Story 1: “My Family Tradition at Grandma’s” by Jennifer T.

Every Christmas Eve my grandma makes barbecue ribs, wings, her potato salad, baked beans and a lot of cookies. She has been doing this for over 50 years and, mind you, she is now in her 80s. My parents, my sister and I go there every Christmas Eve. The cool thing about it is that my sister and I take our kids and now they take their kids. My grandma is a very strong lady. Every year I look forward to going to her house and eating and seeing all my family. This is truly a family tradition!

Winning Story 2: “Generations” by Samantha C.

Most Arizonans know Prescott is the official Christmas city of our state, but for me, it has always been and continues to be the place where Grandma lives. I remember sitting in the backseat anxious to arrive at her home, only to be packed back into a car and driven downtown to the annual courthouse lighting. Magic would happen, lights, carols, the Christmas story and grandma loving me.

I am now the grandma holding small hands, singing beloved carols, reeling in awe at the beautifully decorated courthouse. I am content knowing these children will remember me as I remember my own grandmother.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their best stories. Whatever your family’s travel tradition, we hope it continues to grow stronger year by year.

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