Forward Look Closer Look: The Chrysler 300 Turbine Concept Vehicle

Forward Look Closer Look: The Chrysler 300 Turbine Concept VehicleThe Chrysler 300 Turbine Concept at the North American International Auto Show

Chrysler designers are more than just aware of the brand’s long and storied history; they often take direct inspiration from time-tested models of the past. Sometimes today’s designers even pay direct homage to their predecessors. Case in point, the Chrysler 300S Turbine Concept, a vehicle built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of a true Chrysler legend—the 1963 Chrysler Turbine.

With a number of intentional styling cues, the Chrysler 300S Turbine Concept unmistakably recalls the contrast of the historic two-tone original. Features of the Concept include:

  • Turbine Copper exterior paint in matte finish
  • Gloss Black painted roof
  • 22” Turbine wheels with polished face and painted pockets
  • Billet grille
  • Darkened headlights and tail lamps
  • Platinum mirror caps

Please enjoy this “making of” video documenting the production of the Chrysler 300S Turbine. In it, Chrysler designer Brandon Faurote discusses how the design team modernized a classic concept, pairing the best of ’63 with the technological advances available in the present day.

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