Real People, Real Stories – 22 Years a Chrysler Fan

Real People, Real Stories – 22 Years a Chrysler FanPhoto from Chrysler files

In this week’s edition of Real People, Real Stories, we hear from Shelley S., a Sioux Falls, South Dakota, woman who for 22 years has been pleased with her Chrysler vehicles.

Twenty-two years ago we were expecting our first child. My husband and I were still driving the compact cars we owned when we first got married and thought maybe we should try to get a little bigger car if we were going to have to manage a car seat and “stuff.” We leased our first van from Chrysler and immediately fell in love with it (even though we always said “we will never have a VAN”).

Five years later my husband took a job that required travel with some equipment, so we bought a second van for him. Six years after that, we traded in our first van (1991) for another van (2002). Now, 11 years later, kids out of the house, we only have eyes for another van. We LOVE our vans, and each time we think we should maybe try something different, we keep coming back to our good ol’ van!

Thank you, Shelley. Please know that we’re always happy to have you back.

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