The Chrysler 300: Quiet Cabin, Happy Driver

The Chrysler 300: Quiet Cabin, Happy Driver

The secret to great car design is knowing not just what to include, but also what to leave out. In the case of the Chrysler 300, we worked hard to create a vehicle that leaves the roar of traffic and the din of the road exactly where it belongs—outside the cabin.

The way we see it, a refined driving experience requires more than standard leather seating and premium “soft touch” materials. Likewise, it takes more than a smooth powertrain and responsive suspension. Though important, these things constitute only part of the equation. Just as a confident driver is alert in both body and mind, a total driving experience—and a comfortable one—is created when the ride is smooth, the seating is luxurious, and the cabin is quiet.

The Chrysler 300 goes to great lengths to provide a quiet cabin, including the following:

  • A laminated acoustic windshield
  • Fiber acoustic wheel liners
  • Two full-length acoustic underbody closeouts

A quiet cabin can provide solace on the drive home after a busy day at work—that’s a given. Not to be overlooked, however, is the fact that any premium music or auditory experience must begin with a blank canvas. This is to say, to get the most from your Chrysler 300’s available Uconnect 8.4N/RBD Media Center, with all its entertainment, phone, and navigational features, a quiet cabin is the first thing required.

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