Real People, Real Stories | Bonnie D.’s Two Amazing Sebrings

Real People, Real Stories | Bonnie D.’s Two Amazing Sebrings

This week’s edition of Real People, Real Stories comes to us from Amherst, Virginia, where Bonnie D. is the owner of not one, but two Chrysler Sebring convertibles with a combined total mileage of over 500,000 miles!

I have two amazing Sebring convertibles. My job has me traveling all over the country, and I can’t say enough about these vehicles. My first is a 1998 Sebring with a champagne paint color and a V6 engine. It has 275,000 miles. My second is a 2004 Sebring GTC, red, with 255,000 miles. Both have been better for me than a pickup truck or anything else. They are sturdy, and the 6-cylinder engines are amazing.

I have been looking at your new Chrysler 200 hardtop convertibles. I love your cars. They are comfortable and fun. Mine have hauled building supplies and bikes from Virginia to West Virginia to North Carolina to Florida to Oklahoma to Michigan to New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Canada. I love these cars!

We’re happy to hear that, Bonnie. Thank you for sharing.

To the rest of our Forward Look readers, please visit to learn more about the current Chrysler vehicle lineup. To share your own Chrysler story, please click here.

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