An Interview with Style Shifters Winner Nick David

An Interview with Style Shifters Winner Nick DavidNick David with sister Nia and John Varvatos

Nick David has a bright future. While a typical 19-year-old might be content dreaming up ways to customize a late model Chrysler 300 (a valid pursuit, to be sure), Nick is busy winning national design competitions. This up-and-coming graphic designer was recently named the grand prize winner in the John Varvatos and Chrysler brand Style Shifters contest.

We caught up with Nick at the 10th Annual Stuart House Benefit in Los Angeles, where he was in attendance to cash in one part of his prize—the chance to have a meet-and-greet with noted fashion designer and contest judge John Varvatos.

An Interview with Style Shifters Winner Nick DavidThe Style Shifters winning design

Chrysler Forward Look: As a Style Shifters finalist, you were tasked with creating an original design inspired by both John Varvatos and the Chrysler brand. As the winner of the contest, you clearly succeeded in that endeavor. Why do you think your design was so successful?

Nick David: I think my design was successful because I like fashion and I like high couture, and that was part of the objective, to incorporate fashion and luxury with the hardworking image of Detroit. To be honest, I love all that stuff, so it was easy to put all my energy into this design.

CFL: You claim on your Behance profile that your focus is on graphic design, illustration and photography. What do you think an up-and-coming designer in your field can learn from an established fashion designer like John Varvatos?

ND: What can’t I learn? A designer like John Varvatos can teach you how to market, how to follow your dreams, how to follow something you have a passion for. John has obviously followed his dream, and not only that, he’s done an amazing job of giving back to the community. Hopefully, if I follow my passion like he did, things will work out for me.

CFL: What specifically appealed to you about this contest? In other words, what made you enter?

ND: The opportunity alone made me enter; the grand prize was a great incentive, but I actually entered it just as a test—a test to see if I could really do designing seriously.

CFL: Were you surprised to learn that yours was the winning design?

ND: I was absolutely surprised. I was shocked. I didn’t have specific intentions of winning, just high hopes.

CFL: What has been the best part of winning?

ND: The best part of winning has been the exposure, the new people I’ve had the chance to meet, the opportunity to get my designs and my name out there in the world as a professional graphic designer.

CFL: What was it like to meet John Varvatos? Did he have any advice to give you?

ND: Meeting John Varvatos was—I don’t know to explain it—it didn’t seem real. I was excited. He’s a very down-to-earth guy, and he’s from Michigan, the state I’m from. He had nothing but positive messages.

CFL: What is your favorite Chrysler vehicle (if you have one), and why?

ND: My favorite Chrysler vehicle now is the Chrysler 300C. It’s a beautiful car. I can feel the car in what I designed. So I have to say, that would be my car.

CFL: What’s next for Nick David?

ND: Right now I’m waiting to hear back on an internship. Hopefully winning this contest will create a few opportunities. But really what’s next for me is more designing, and trying to get better at it all the time.

CFL: Thank you, Nick, and best of luck.

ND: Thank you!

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