Chrysler Driver’s Seat Stories | April Owner of the Month

Chrysler Driver’s Seat Stories | March Owner of the Month

To be named Chrysler Owner of the Month, you don’t need to have owned upwards of a dozen Chrysler vehicles (here’s proof), but it sure doesn’t hurt.

Mathew E. of Aurora, Colorado, is the Chrysler Owner of the Month for April. To see why, just keep reading. Then, if you think your Chrysler story is as good as Mathew’s, by all means, please submit it to our Driver’s Seat Story program. You, too, could be named a Chrysler Owner of the Month and win $100 worth of Chrysler gear in the process.

April Owner of the Month: Matthew E.

April-owner-of-the-monthChrysler Driver’s Seat Stories | April Owner of the Month
Matthew E.’s Chrysler 2013 300S

I live and breathe Chrysler. I have owned 12 of them! My 2013 300S is special to me because I make no sacrifices. When I feel sporty, I have a sporty car. When I want luxury, I have that too!

Congratulations, Matthew!

If you’re as proud of your Chrysler vehicle as Matthew is of his, then share your pride with a visit to the Driver’s Seat Story tab on the Chrysler Facebook page. Deadline for entry is 11:59 p.m. on June 7, 2013.

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