Real People, Real Stories | 200K+ Miles and Still Runs Great

2004 Town & Country - Photo from Chrysler files
2004 Town & Country – Photo from Chrysler files

They say you get what you give. That saying could also apply to your car. Just ask Leonard C. of Renfrew, Pennsylvania, who proved that the number of miles you put into your car corresponds with the amount of memories you get out.


I just wanted to let you know I purchased a Town & Country Minivan  in 2004, and what a great vehicle. I am happy to tell you that I just reached 223,000 miles yesterday. It still has the original transmission, engine, alternator and starter. Still runs great and lots of great memories.


Have you exceeded the 200,000-mile mark on your Town & Country? Share your story with us here for a chance to be featured on the Forward Look blog.

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