World-Class Company, World Class Manufacturing

World-Class Company, World Class ManufacturingYour car is an investment, and as you have worked hard for your car, your car should work for you. Here at Chrysler Group Headquarters, we are dedicated to delivering drivers the highest-quality vehicles at the best value, without compromise. At the core of this mission stands one fundamental force, World Class Manufacturing.

World Class Manufacturing (WCM), the universal language of all Chrysler Group employees, promotes the concept of continuous improvement in the manufacturing process to achieve one overarching goal: to build world-class vehicles.

WCM is a change agent that helps to eliminate waste and advance quality while increasing productivity and improving overall safety in the workplace. “WCM is designed to make our plants flexible and competitive with the best in the world,” said Sergio Marchionne, CEO, Chrysler Group LLC. “At the same time, WCM also is intended to put dignity into the workplace, and this is not an inconsequential thing.”

World-Class Company, World Class ManufacturingEmployee involvement is at the forefront of WCM. The World Class Manufacturing Academy (WCMA), a state-of-the-art learning center located in Warren, Michigan, facilitates the sharing of “know-how” between plants and employees through a combination of classroom and hands-on instruction. Using some of the most advanced technology available as well as simple children’s toys, the WCMA teaches  employees how to become part of their plant’s improvement process by using the WCM tools and methodology. Those participating in academy classes apply their knowledge and begin making improvements as soon as they return to their plants, delivering real and measurable results.

World-Class Company, World Class ManufacturingThe academy recently received top honors in the 2013 Manufacturing Leadership 100 (ML100) Awards, being named a High Achiever in the New Workforce category at the Manufacturing Leadership Summit award gala in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Wednesday, May 15, 2013.

“We are honored that the WCM Academy has received such high praise from industry leaders who understand that the path to long-term success for any company is through its people,” said Mauro Pino, Chrysler Group’s Head of World Class Manufacturing. “The human element is at the center of WCM, which has become a way of life for Chrysler Group workers. We would not be where we are today in transforming our company and our culture without the cooperation and support of the UAW and CAW; it’s a team effort.”

Stay tuned to Forward Look for up-to-date information on the advancement of World Class Manufacturing.

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