Real People, Real Stories I The Chrysler Trifecta

Real People, Real Stories I The Chrysler Trifecta Todd P. from Scottsburg, Indiana, celebrates the many miles and memories spent behind the wheel of his three Chrysler vehicles in this edition of Real People, Real Stories.

Day after day and mile after mile, Todd’s three Chrysler vehicles have evolved into a brigade of trusted machines that have withstood the test of time.

Representing almost half a million miles are our three Chrysler vehicles. From left to right – 2002 300M (167,000 miles), 1996 Concorde LX (300,000 miles), and our recently purchased 2012 200S (4,300 miles). The Concorde and 300M have never had any major mechanical components replaced and still run great! Our new 200 is fun to drive and easy on gas. The Concorde was purchased new; the 300M was two years old with approximately 22,000 miles on the odometer when purchased; and the 200S was new with 150 miles on the clock. We have been impressed with the excellent service these cars have given us and look forward to driving our 200S for many more miles.

How far are you from your next 100,000-mile mark? Share your mile-marker stories in the comments below, or submit your story here for a chance to be featured on the Forward Look blog.

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