Real People, Real Stories | A Surprise Chrysler 300S for Becky

Real People, Real Stories | A Surprise Chrysler 300S for Becky

When it comes to the Real People, Real Stories series, it’s hard for us to pick a favorite from the many stories that we’ve published. Each one embodies a merit all its own. The following story submitted by David D. of Titusville, Florida, is no exception. Keep reading to find out why.

Real People, Real Stories | A Surprise Chrysler 300S for BeckyBecky left two weeks ago to spend some time in Tennessee with her 91-year-old mother. While she was gone, a transformation took place in the driveway. First, let’s flash back to December 2005, when we bought her a new 2006 Chrysler 300. The car served us well during our transition to Florida and for over seven years. Becky had been remarking about how much she liked the new Chrysler 300S for over a year, and we had even kicked a few tires, so to speak.

Two days before she left for Knoxville to see her mother, we looked at one on the dealer’s lot in Merritt Island and she fell in love with it. I convinced her we couldn’t handle that big of a transition right now; the car had all the bells and whistles. When I picked her up at the airport in the new car last night she was speechless. That doesn’t happen often.

Well, David, consider us speechless too. Nice work!

To the rest of our Forward Look readers, please visit to learn more about this car and all the rest in the current Chrysler vehicle lineup. To share your own Chrysler story, please click here.

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