The Best of the Chrysler Facebook Page | Heritage Edition, Volume 2

Each month we explore the Chrysler Brand’s iconic heritage by highlighting the most unique historical vehicles submitted by our Facebook fans on the official Chrysler Facebook Page. This month’s collection is guaranteed to get you revving your engines in anticipation of the Vintage Car events coming up in August.

her1 Submitted by Javier R – 1968 Imperial Convertible

her2 Submitted by Mark M – 1948 DeSoto S11 Custom

her3 Submitted by Brian F. – 1965 Chrysler Hillman Minx Mk5.

her4 Submitted by Chuck H. – 1951 Chrysler Windsor

her5 Submitted by Peter H. – 1966 Chrysler 300

We hope these classic beauties inspire the photographer inside you to continue capturing and sharing your timeless Chrysler snapshots. If you think your vintage Chrysler car deserves some recognition, post your photos to the official Chrysler Facebook page for a chance to have your car featured in the next edition of the Chrysler Forward Look Best of Heritage series.


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