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The Chrysler Town & Country isn’t just a great vehicle for families; it’s also the ideal set of wheels for trailblazers and outdoor enthusiasts. With copious amounts of storage space, the Town & Country has plenty of room to pack in all of your equipment and maybe even a few friends.

 As you set out on your outdoor excursions, it’s reassuring to know you have a dependable car that won’t leave you up a creek without a paddle. Jim M. from California agrees, as his 2003 Town & Country has been his trusted companion during countless journeys.

My 2003 T&C is magic. Going on 300,000 miles with the original engine and transmission, it still runs beautifully. It’s taken me through -30 degree whiteouts in Utah and Wyoming as well as +125 degrees in Death Valley, camping, hiking, climbing and, oh yeah, business trips, too. Ten years and never once left me stranded.

What about flat tires, you ask? Three of those—two of which were in my driveway and the third right across the street from a tire store. Our neighborhood mechanics have kept it in great shape over the years and say they’ve never seen a vehicle like it. We’re all rooting for it to make it to the 300,000-mile marker. My wife, Michele, wants me to part with it, but I just can’t. And yes, the van and I do talk with each other on those long trips; it’s my best friend on the road.

 Thanks for sharing, Jim. If we were to pass you on the road while you were deep in conversation with your Town & Country, we would completely understand.

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