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U.S Highway 66, also known as Route 66 or the “Mother Road” holds a special place in American history as one of the original roads in the U.S highway system. Route 66 is a touchstone for modern day transportation that connects Chicago to Los Angeles over a 2,400-mile stretch of road has been evoking a sense of wanderlust since its completion in 1937.

Embark on your next great American road trip in the supreme comfort of the Chrysler 300 and experience Route 66’s rich history through these extraordinary roadside attractions.

Grant Park – Chicago, Illinois

shutterstock_34850635Route 66 typically evokes images of open, western landscapes but the historic corridor begins or ends, depending on your perspective, in heart of downtown Chicago at Grant Park.  You will find the “Historic Route 66”sign at the intersection of Jackson and Michigan Avenues.

66 Drive-In- Carthage, Missouri

The 66 Drive-In  in Carthage is one of the very few historical intact drive-in theaters still operating along old Route 66. It looks and feels as it did when it opened for business in September 22, 1949. A striking feature of the 66 Drive-In is that it still retains its original rural setting on a nine-acre plot about three miles outside of town. The Drive-In offers first run feature films every Friday through Sunday from April to October.

The Living Ghost Town – Oatman, Arizona

The “living ghost town” of Oatman lies tucked away in the scenic hills of Arizona along a particularly twisty section of the old Route 66. Oatman was once a thriving mining town that boasted almost 4,000 people in its hay day in 1916. The town was bypassed by the rerouted U.S. 66 in 1950 and that is when its population declined to roughly 60 people. Today the town is reminiscent of an old western film set that includes staged Wild West Shootouts, Shotgun Weddings, Tour Bus Robberies and Stage coach hold ups.

Santa Monica Pier- Santa Monica, California

shutterstock_123278146The Santa Monica Pier is designated as the official Western terminus of Route 66.Originally built in 1909, the Santa Monica Pier is home to an amusement park and aquarium, as well as dining options ranging from gourmet fare to cotton candy and ice cream cones.





If you’ve road-tripped on Route 66, share your favorite roadside attractions right here. We’re always happy to discover new places.








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