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1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue

Behind our strong lineage of Chrysler vehicles comes a rich family history that many of our drivers can relate to.  John M. from Valdosta, Georgia’s late mother’s love of her 1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue inspired him to embark long quest to find an exact replica through which he could carry on his mother’s legacy.

In 1988, I purchased a new Chrysler Fifth Avenue for my mother, Carolyn. Out of all the cars she drove, I think the Fifth Avenue was her favorite and she looked most elegant in this Twilight Blue Metallic sedan with leather to match. For many years, I have searched for another identical example of this car to keep my mother’s memory alive. I found it last week…right down to the wire wheel covers. With 42,000 miles, the Fifth Avenue looks and drives as if it just left the showroom 24 years ago!

“Carolyn” joins my 1966 Imperial Crown four-door hardtop as another example of the Chrysler legacy of fine cars!

Does your Chrysler vehicle have a deep personal meaning to you? What fuels the connection that you share? We encourage you to share your story, like John did, and our next Real People, Real Stories feature could be about you.

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