Chrysler Heritage | 1990 Chrysler Town & Country

chrysler_tc_30th_1990The 1990 Chrysler Town & Country was the minivan that started it all and was considered the most luxurious minivan of its time.

This three-door minivan was built on the Chrysler S platform–the first minivan platform created by Chrysler.  The S platform has evolved through five generations over the course of 30 years to become today’s RT platform, which hosts modern minivan models including the Chrysler Town & Country 30th Anniversary Edition.

The 1990 Chrysler Town & Country was introduced just as Chrysler finalized a company-wide redesign of its minivans. As a result, only 10,000 units were manufactured -making this the rarest model of the Chrysler Town & Country.

The exterior features that distinguished the 1990 Town & Country included:

    • Chrome waterfall grille
    • Crystal Pentastar hood ornament
    • Standard wood grain appliqué
    • 15” white lace-spoke aluminum wheels

The 1990 Chrysler Town & Country was available in two exterior colors:

    • Black Clearcoat
    • Bright White Clearcoat

Interior features that made the 1990 model stand out from other minivans included:

    • Gathered leather seating
    • Door trim panels
    • Front and rear air conditioning
    • Power windows
    • Power locks
    • Infinity sound system
    • Seven-passenger seating
    • Luggage rack
    • Electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission

For 30 years, the iconic Chrysler Town & Country has been serving families of all sizes and lifestyles. To commemorate this milestone we have introduced the Chrysler Town & Country 30th Anniversary Edition.

To learn more about this exclusive limited edition available at family-friendly prices, visit

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