Meet Chrysler Custom Challenge Finalist Oriana Schooley

With a name like Oriana, being unique is a characteristic that you’re born with. That’s one reason why Oriana Schooley, a finalist in the Chrysler Custom Challenge, began personalizing her Chrysler 300. Oriana sat down with Chrysler Forward Look and gave us a deeper look into the life of a female customizer.

With the challenge of balancing a successful real estate career and raising five kids, personal hobbies can easily get shifted off the to-do list. This is not the case for Oriana, who makes sure to set time aside for herself and her one-of-a-kind Chrysler 300. “As my daily driver, the car needs to be able to reflect a balance between my professional side and fun side.”

“The very first thing I ordered for the car was the Mopar T-shifter handle, and from there it has been a whirlwind of fun ideas and experimenting,” she said. All of Oriana’s modifications are subtle and only draw attention when the time is right. The best example of this happens when Oriana lowers the air suspension on the car. “It’s amazing to see the attention it gets when it’s sitting on the ground. The questions, admiration and general stares spark interest; that’s when the other details start to reveal themselves.”

A closer look at Oriana’s Chrysler 300 reveals the following details:

      • Carbon fiber wrap on the roof, window pillars, grille frame and rear Chrysler brand wing
      • Gloss-white wrapped front Chrysler brand wing for contrast along with the fog light compartments
      • Custom painted headlights and taillights
      • SRT spoiler, shifter and pedals
      • Aftermarket exhaust system and flat-black-painted exhaust tips
      • Staggered 20″ wheels that are 8.5″ wide in the front and 10″ in the rear
      • Air suspension added for both style and show
      • Additional intake and  glass radiator hose
      • 5.7-liter HEMI® engine
      • Panoramic sunroof
      • Red leather interior

We asked Oriana when she discovered her love for cars. “My love of cars and Chrysler vehicles in particular began when I was a little girl helping my dad out in the garage. I knew that if I wanted to spend time with him, that’s where he would be.” Her father’s affinity for the Chrysler brand is a tradition that Oriana has passed down to her own children. “We are a Chrysler brand-loyal family. Each member either already drives a Chrysler car or intends to drive a Chrysler car once driving is an option.” Out of the entire Chrysler brand lineup, Oriana chose to modify the Chrysler 300, explaining, “It’s the only car that truly encompassed everything that is important to me, especially the brand that my roots are set on.”


Oriana has become familiar with her competition through the online LX customizer community, and she let us in on who she thinks may be her toughest competition. “I would have to say Steve [Burkett] is my biggest competition. He’s had the car longer than I’ve had mine, and with time come ideas, planning, execution and experience. That paint job is truly custom, and he has a very large social media following. I’ve never been involved in anything at this level of recognition – it’s a little overwhelming.” During our interview, Oriana identified one characteristic she thought set her apart from the competition: “The biggest difference between me and the other two finalists is the show side of this world. I only modify for myself, to make me happy and give me something that I enjoy and look forward to.”


Who will win the Chrysler Custom Challenge? Tune in to the SEMA livestream on November 5 to find out.

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