Meet Chrysler Custom Challenge Finalist Steven Burkett and His Chrysler 300 “Killing Time”

Steven Burkett, one of three finalists in the Chrysler Custom Challenge, was infatuated with the distinct lines and confident look that came with the new generation of Chrysler 300 vehicles. However, it wasn’t until the 2012 LX Spring Festival, when Steven saw John Fortuno’s notorious Fat Chance 2.0, that he knew the 300 would be the canvas for his next customization project. “I watched as John built Fat Chance 2.0 step by step. Once I saw the ride in person, I jumped right in and started my build. The sexy bodylines and the interior comfort for five adults were a major appeal.” When he realized he would have extra time on his hands, Steven headed straight to the garage to begin modifying his candy-apple-red Chrysler 300.

Steven Burkett built his custom Chrysler vehicle, Killing Time, with performance in mind.I chose the 3.6L V-6 with the eight-speed because it had the power of a V-8 but the gas mileage of a V-6. I chose the motor and transmission combination because I build my vehicles to drive.” Not only does Killing Time have an impressive powertrain, it also demands attention with this extensive list of modifications:

    • Full custom paint job
    • Custom modified front fenders with functioning fender vents
    • Full custom interior featuring suede roof, leather seats with color stitching to match and custom color-matched interior trim pieces to match exterior’s custom paint
    • Two fully functional sunroofs – one for the front row and one for the backseat
    • Full custom audio system
    • Full air ride suspension with components painted to match the exterior color
    • 24″ three-piece wheels painted to match the exterior of the car
    • Upgraded brake package
    • Fully customized engine bay including custom-painted engine bonnet and aluminum sheet metal
    • Custom one-of-a-kind grille
    • Complete trunk rebuild with all areas recovered in leather to match interior

Chrysler Forward Look asked Steven how his custom Chrysler vehicle is a reflection of his personality, and he explained, “I built the ride to be low, sleek and a little bit cocky. I wanted it to truly reflect my personality, and that is outgoing and a bit of a showoff.” Steven looks forward to showing off Killing Time at SEMA in November along with the two other Chrysler Custom Challenge finalists, Oriana and Sidney.

“I want to congratulate my fellow competitors on their builds, I think each of the cars in the competition reflects its owner in certain ways. I personally feel Sidney’s silver 300 is my biggest competition, primarily because he seems to have a lot more modifications than Oriana. However, the power of females in the automotive world is growing faster than ever, and I think Oriana’s car brings a lot to the table. I have always felt women have a sharper eye for detail, so when it comes down to the finishing touches, I think that she might have Sidney beat. Nonetheless, I feel we will all come out of this as winners!”

Now that you have met all three of the finalists, who do you think deserves the title of Chrysler Custom Challenge Champion? Share with us in the comments below.

Don’t forget to RSVP to the SEMA livestream on November 5 as we announce the grand prize winner.

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