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The hardworking spirit that shines through Chrysler vehicles is also evident in Chrysler brand Interns. Every summer we bring in a group of students with a passion for learning and let them participate in the day-to-day business of the different departments here at the Chrysler brand headquarters.

The best way to learn is through experience, so we wanted to give our hardworking interns the chance to experience the thrill of driving a Chrysler vehicle firsthand. In this series, the Chrysler Intern Spotlight, we’ll follow several members of our team as they get behind the wheel of some of your favorite Chrysler vehicles.

This month we meet three interns – Deon Howard, Jacob Lacamu and Bill Love –who were all given a Chrysler Town & Country S to cruise around in for a few days.

Name: Deon Howard

Age: 20

College: Michigan State

Major: Marketing

Internship Department: Chrysler Brand Marketing research operations team

Deon Howard2

Chrysler Forward Look: What drives you in life?

Deon Howard: What drives me is my desire to be the best! I always want to learn and grow every day, and I’m always looking for ways to improve myself. That desire continues to motivate me to succeed!

Chrysler Forward Look: What are the first three words that come to mind when you think of the Chrysler Town & Country S?

Deon Howard: Classy, Sleek and Expansive

Chrysler Forward Look: Was the Town & Country S an upgrade to the car you currently drive?

Deon Howard: Yes! The Town and Country S is a considerable upgrade to my current vehicle considering I don’t have a car – it definitely beats the bus!


Name: Bill Love

Age: 24

College: Walsh College / Michigan State University

Major: MBA / BS in Earth Science with a Mathematics Minor

Internship Department: Marketing

Bill Love T&C2

Chrysler Forward Look: What drives you in life?

Bill Love: I am an extremely goal-oriented person whose short-term goal is to complete my MBA while working full time.

Chrysler Forward Look: Where did you go to show off your new ride?

Bill Love: I showed off the Town and Country to my family, and I drove it with some friends to a baseball game.

Chrysler Forward Look: What specific features of the Town & Country S exceeded your expectations?

Bill Love: The dual-screen Blu-ray™ player, the amount of storage provided with Stow ’N Go® and the overall smooth ride of the vehicle.


Name: Jacob Lacamu

Age: 20

College: University of Texas

Major: Electrical Engineering

Internship Department: Electrical Engineering Validation

Jacob Lacamu

 Chrysler Forward Look: How did the Town & Country S fit into your lifestyle?

Jacob Lacamu: It fit perfectly. The dilemma of not enough seating or too crowded seating always plagued my group of friends. In the Town & Country S we were all able to ride comfortably and in style while traveling to go have a good time.

Chrysler Forward Look: What specific features of the Town & Country S exceeded your expectations?

Jacob Lacamu: Not only was the interior stylish, it was also very practical. The amount of storage was great and could be easily adapted for whatever application you might need. One night I was able to take my group friends out, and we were able to take one car versus two.


Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, gentlemen.

Are you looking for an internship experience? We’re looking for individuals ready to put their passion to work, who can work well within our team environment and who are excited by growth. Search for internship opportunities available for students and new graduates on our Career Page.


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