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We were recently introduced to James Clark, a proud Chrysler owner who decided to rekindle his passion for collecting classic cars, after spotting an impressive 1941 Chrysler Windsor for sale in New York.

James named his 1941 Chrysler Windsor “Daisy” after its first owner. Daisy is one of only 200 six-passenger Windsor’s to be manufactured in 1941. The vehicle is in terrific condition and drives on highways comfortably at speeds of 55 to 60 mph.

The odometer shows 42,000 miles, but James has been unable to find documentation that substantiates the accuracy of Daisy’s mileage.

Interior craftsmanship includes the original wool broadcloth with woven silk assist straps at the rear doors and matching lap robe rope on the rear of the seat.

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The chrome and stainless detailing throughout the vehicle is original, though the bumpers, parking and signal light trim have been replated.


A history of the ownership shows that one owner replaced the front end and had the vehicle repainted, while another owner had the engine rebuilt completely. The vehicle remains in terrific condition – the suspension is tight and precise, and the transmission is excellent.


James presumes the vehicle was stored for many years, as there’s no evidence of rust anywhere.


After five years with the car, he’s still in love and plans to drive Daisy until he can no longer drive. When that day comes, he hopes it will go to another collector who appreciates the timelessness of her design.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, James.


Does your Chrysler vehicle have a deep personal meaning to you? What fuels that connection that you share? We encourage you to share your story, like James did, and our next Real People, Real Stories feature could be about you.

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